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Photo of the Week: Meteor Shower!

Photo of the Week
May 23rd, 2014

This edition of Photo of the Week is more special than usual. We’re excited to share an absolutely amazing image from Thomas O’Brien, but are also very excited to share some tips for shooting at night, particularly for capturing meteor showers. Click here for Thomas’s blog post “10 Tips for Photographing Meteor Showers”, hosted by our friends over at Muench Workshops.

As you’ll see from Thomas’ post, these are timely tips that you can use to capture images of a meteor shower that will begin tonight!


Thomas O’Brien

” width=”600″ height=”900″ class=”size-large wp-image-7987″> “Double Arch in Arches National Park during the Perseid Meteor Shower” by Thomas O’Brien


Thomas O’Brien
Arches Nat’l Park, Utah
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 24mm/f1.4L
RRS Gear:
B5D2-L L-plate
ISO 3200
20 sec

“I had traveled out from Aspen Colorado to Utah for a quick trip to Arches for the Perseid Meteor shower. I ended up getting there pretty late (about 11pm) and had stopped at a few other locations in the park to see if I could capture some meteors. I was not having any luck so I decided to just shoot some nice photos, do some light painting and if I caught a meteor that was just a bonus. I had shot two images of the ground and the arches in the dark when I panned up and composed the third shot. As soon as I hit the shutter for the third photo a huge meteor streaked across the sky. I initially thought that I completely missed it. When I hit the review button I knew I got a shot of a lifetime and quickly shot the other two images in the panoramic so I could line everything up before the stars moved too much. At that point I knew I got a really great shot and decided to try to light the arches with a friend of mine. This image is a 5 shot vertical panoramic with a shot of the light painted arches blended in.”
-Thomas O’Brien

A total of six shots were used to create this image.

A total of six shots were used to create this image.

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