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Photo by Joe McDonald

Catching Insects In Flight

Catching Insects in Flight With Joe McDonald This summer I gave myself a real challenge. I decided to try to photograph insects in flight, a task that would have been […]

Pacific Valley by Michael Strickland

Behind the Shot with Michael Strickland

Behind the Shot With Michael Strickland Large format and seascapes are two things that usually don’t mix. The slow, meticulous process of large format generally doesn’t lend itself well for […]

Capturing Iceland with Mark Gvazdinskas

Capturing Iceland With Mark Gvazdinskas It’s no secret photo trips to Iceland are growing in popularity. If you spend any time on photo sites or follow photographers on social media […]

Mountain Gorillas of Agashya Group

Behind the Shot with Joe McDonald

Behind the Shot With Joe McDonald While all wildlife experiences are special in some way, there is one that most folks find to be without parallel, and that’s being in […]

Photo by Heather Angel

Behind the Shot with Heather Angel

Behind the Shot With Heather Angel Focus stacking is a great technique for gaining maximum depth of field for three-dimensional macro subjects. Essentially, a series of focus slices are blended […]

WEEK 37- WPA-Season 3 Ep 13

Wild Photo Adventures™ Week 37

Week 37 Best of Season 3 Host and professional wildlife photographer Doug Gardner takes a look back at some of the highlights of Season 3. The episodes we share will […]


Behind the Shot with Ken Sklute

Behind the Shot With Ken Sklute There are so many facets of the photographic world. We are all free to peruse what avenue of photography excites us. I have reminded […]

WEEK 36- WPA-Season 3 Ep 12

Wild Photo Adventures™ Week 36

Week 36 Behind the Scenes Take an in-depth look at the making of the Wild Photo Adventures TV series. Interviews with the host Doug Gardner and the crew reveal the […]

Photo by Joe McDonald

Behind the Shot with Joe McDonald

Behind the Shot With Joe McDonald Every summer an unusual-looking moth visits the gardens around our home. At first glance the moth could be mistaken for a hummingbird as it […]