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#MyRRSstory: Chuck Jason

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I started taking photographs at the age of eight when I received a special gift from my parents: an Eastman Kodak Brownie Box Camera. As an eight year old I had a keen interest in astronomy and in photographing lightning. In those days, my camera didn’t have a bulb mode, of course, so I fastened a small screw to the body of the camera and a rubber band to hold the shutter open in order to take my lightning and star photographs. My father was in the Armed Forces and we lived in Japan during my early high school years. I learned to develop film and print my black and white photographs at the base hobby shop. A climb to the top of Mt Fuji was probably my first long distance hiking experience–it was an incredible journey, and I was eager to capture its beauty with my camera so that I could share my experience with my peers. So it appears that photographing landscapes became my calling at a young age, and my interests have not changed since. As time went by, I realized that there’s a lot to be learned in order to be good at it.

Crystal Mill

I am currently living in Las Vegas, which is centrally located beside many of the iconic southwest state and national parks such as Valley of Fire, Death Valley, Zion, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. I would visit these parks at every opportunity I could to capture their beautiful landscapes. From the many unique rock formations of Nevada, to the beaches of California, to the many deserts and canyons of Utah and Arizona, the photo opportunities are endless. I draw my inspiration from the greats: Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, Edward Weston, Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, Guy Tal, Mitch Dobrowner, Marc Adamus and Charlie Waite. I truly admire their photographic work and philosophical viewpoints.

Dreams Come from Within

I enjoy photographing landscapes both as a discipline and a constant challenge to upgrade my skills to a higher level. I found this discipline to be truly relaxing, rewarding, and therapeutic as well. Like others, I also have a regular day job with long hours and my work is highly stressful and demanding at times. But once I am out in nature, my whole spirit is uplifted. Even if the journey involves long hours of hiking to get to the destination, with little or no sleep and with minimal food supplies at times, material things don’t seem to matter.  What is important is that while photographing landscapes, I can be totally relaxed and stress free–by being totally immersed in my surroundings, soaking in the sights, sounds and light in the scene that I was about to capture. With my camera in hand, I can capture that moment and pause it in time. Photography empowers me to re-create that magical experience and freeze it in a medium to then share with others via social media. It gives me a sense of belonging and a true sense of recognition based on my individuality and ability. That in itself is enough to challenge me and keep me going for a long time. My goal is to continue to learn from the many talented photographers out there and to constantly improve on my skills through hard work and expanding my horizons.

North by Northwest

When it comes to Really Right Stuff products, in my opinion, they are the best. I have tried a couple of other brands of tripods before but nothing can compare with their superior quality and workmanship. While in the field, I use their TVC-23 tripod with a BH-55 ballhead and their L-bracket to support my Nikon D800 camera and lenses.  I count on them for support while photographing in the Zion Narrows, at the ocean, in soft sand dunes, in canyons and deserts.  My wife Serena, also a landscape photographer who shares my passion, uses the RRS TQC-14 tripod and BH-40 ballhead for her Nikon D810 camera. We both enjoy using RRS products for their reliability. They are built in America of the highest quality and durability. I highly recommend their products.

Circle of the Twisted Twins

You can find more of Chuck’s stunning work at his website.