A Lithuanian Fairy Tale

Photo by Conor MacNeill
A Lithuanian Fairy Tale

A Lithuanian Fairy Tale

Conor MacNeill
London, England
Nikon D800
Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8
4000 ISO
10 seconds

“I had left the Lithuanian capital Vilnius and headed out of the city to a lake resort called Trakai. The main thing drawing me here was the iconic Island Castle, but I thought if it was a clear night, I might be able to see some stars. On the Saturday night, the castle was lit up and even had spotlights shining into the sky. I could make out some stars, but nothing spectacular. The next night, all the weekend tourists had returned home and the place was dead. On passing the castle this time, all the lights were off and I could get some great views of the night sky. This was a single exposure with some Lightroom adjustments and then imported into Photoshop for some luminosity work and colour correction.”
– Conor MacNeill

Conor MacNeill is an HDR Travel Photographer based in London. Check out his work at www.theFella.com


  1. Joe Johnson says:

    Conor, thank you for sharing a very pleasing image. It is not easy to expose for the sky and foreground in a single exposure. Well done.

  2. G. E. says:

    Beautiful image, thank you for sharing! I’m an astronomer and will be giving a presentation at a conference in Vilnius next week. May I have your permission to use this image in my title slide? I will of course give you full credit 🙂

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