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Behind the Shot with David Thompson

For the last year, I have found myself wanting to see and photograph different locations. The locations that have sparked my interest have been locations that are remote, obscure, and rarely photographed. These locations look like something from another planet. The areas that you hear stories about but yet you have never seen these places. I was determined to find these areas and see/photograph them for myself.

Spring……..April 2013, my buddy Paul Rojas and I have came up with a plan to visit the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness area in Northwest New Mexico. After doing some research, this was the place…a place that was remote and other worldly. The few images that I had seen from the area was definitely obscure and other worldly…perfect! Just what I needed. Little did I know, that I was going to give my RRS TVC-33 a workout like no other.

"Formations" by David Thompson

“Formations” by David Thompson

We arrived at our first location in the Bisti Wilderness area. It was completely dark as we made our hike into this unknown area for sunrise. As dawn approached, the soft light slowly started to illuminate this alien landscape. It became very evident that this area was going to be difficult to photograph. The landscape consisted of sandstone, petrified wood, hoodoos and mudstone. All of which varied in different colors of reds, magenta, browns, yellows, beige, and grays. Along with the array of colors and odd formations, the area was full of hills/slopes of different sizes and textures. There was definitely tons of possibilities here.

"Ghosts" by David Thompson

“Ghosts” by David Thompson

Over the next 3 days we encountered a variety of different types of light. Displays of virga, explosive light, and nice pastels complimented this other worldly landscape. With the terrain being so rugged, with uneven ground, steep hillsides and slopes having a versatile tripod was very important. My TVC-33 and BH-55 combo fit the bill.

"Virga" by David Thompson

“Virga” by David Thompson

I have been using this set up for some time now and have photograph a variety of landscapes with out any issues. This outing was the same, although I had the “ultimate” tripod workout. The ease of the the leg locks with a half a twist was fast and convenient for setting up. The angle stops on the TVC-33 were invaluable when setting up on steep hills and slopes. Again, the set up was fast and easy, especially when the light is constantly changing.

"Little Temple" by David Thompson

“Little Temple” by David Thompson

I was already satisfied with my TVC-33 set up from the beginning, but after my trip to the Bisti Wilderness area, my appreciation for my RRS set up went to another level. A level that is impeccable. Big huge thanks Really Right Stuff for making a high quality tripod and ballhead set up. You guys rock!!!


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David Thompson
Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness,
New Mexico
Canon 5D Mark III
EF 16-35mm/f2.8L II
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