Winter Falls

Photo by Jarrod Castaing
Winter Falls by Jarrod Castaing

Winter Falls by Jarrod Castaing

Jarrod Castaing
Niagara Falls in winter,
New York, USA
Submitted in the RRS 2013
Water Photo Contest
Canon 5D
Canon 70-200mm F/4L
RRS Gear:
ISO 200

“Niagara Falls in winter is certainty a unique experience. Not only is its snow-covered landscape breathtaking, but the cooler weather also seems to keep the tourists away. Well, some at least. Now everybody has seen photos of Niagara and Horseshoe Falls. So after taking in the iconic views myself, I wanted to also capture something a bit different.

Using a telephoto lens I was able to shoot across the water from Canada to New York state. But with snow pouring down and wind picking up, the trick was really to keep the camera stabilized through the long exposure. I must admit. While it’s not the most advanced piece of gear in my kit, a handy plastic zip-lock bag also proved invaluable. With a hole cut in one end, I was able to protect the camera while wiping ice from the lens between shots.

What I enjoy the most about this shot is that, if you didn’t know it was Niagra, you might think it was taken anywhere – even with a busy city hiding just behind the lens.”
— Jarrod Castaing

You can find Jarrod’s honorable mention and more in the RRS 2013 Water Photo Contest Results page.


  1. Jarrod,

    I think it is absolutely breathtaking!!!



  2. Lynn says:

    Amazingly beautiful. How long was the exposure?

  3. Thanks very much all! The exposure was 11 seconds 🙂

  4. L’image de mon tableau était en première position depuis 5 ans!
    vous m’avez détrônée!!! je suis en 2ème now!!!!mais votre photo est superbe!BRAVO
    Beautiful! congratulations!
    maguy lethierry

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