What’s your story?

Every one of us has a story, the details of how we got to where we are, who helped us along the way, and where we hope to be headed. We are situated in a culture that is completely narrative driven, which is only compounded by the fact that humans are narrative focused by nature. With that said, we at Really Right Stuff want to both know your story, as well as to offer you our story! That is why we have launched the hashtag #myRRSstory, as well as our “Meet the Crew” blog series.

The aim is all around pretty simple: to get to know you, and give you a chance to get to know us! By using the #myRRSstory hashtag, you create a chance to be chosen by the RRS team to share your story and photos through our blog. We would love to know how you became interested in photography, what drives you, and where you are headed. Our customers mean the world to us, and drive our daily commitment to excellence.

With our “Meet the Crew” series, we hope to simply introduce you to the people who make Really Right Stuff possible. Our team members are the people who invent and design the RRS gear, manufacture it, package it, market it, and mail it directly to you! We are a rowdy bunch, but we get the job done, and are happy to do it.

So keep a lookout for the new posts to come. Some will be from us, some will be from the pros, and some will be from everyday mavericks just like you! Really Right Stuff has a story, and we would be happy to share it with you. But first: what’s your story?

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