Tip for Tuesday: Safety First

Photo by Jim Weise

Be Smart When You Shoot

Hal and Victoria Schmitt from LIGHT Photographic Workshops dropped by the other day to spend a little time catching up. As photographers tend to do, we started talking about the upcoming photography season and the exciting adventures to be had. The conversation began to take on a tone of caution, however, when Hal brought to light that photographers often neglect to include very basic emergency kits along with their standard camera gear. He made the point that just a few simple items could make a huge difference in the outcome of a simple accident. As a former Top Gun instructor (yes, that Top Gun), he knows a ton about survival and how easily things can go wrong and we take his advice very seriously.

In a nutshell his advice was to keep a basic kit with you always, including a:

  • Whistle
  • Knife
  • Flashlight
  • Basic First-aid kit
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Water
  • He also recommends keeping a smartphone and HoodLoupe, and you can bet that he always has all of those with him whenever he goes out shooting. He wrote a post on his blog that gives a more in-depth outline that is worth reading.


    1. I really like your shows.

    2. Ian Ford says:

      Interesting that you put sunglasses/cream but not waterproofs. Normally it’s one or the other. In the UK, more often the latter. The whistle – good point

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