The Really Right Stuff 2016 Olympic Games

On Friday, August 22nd, Really Right Stuff held its own team building games in honor and in the style of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. We divided the whole RRS team, totaling in 32 people, into five teams of six: the blue team, yellow team, black team, green team, and red team. One team named for each olympic circle. The teams were mixed between all of RRS’s various departments in the hopes of building friendships and broadening acquaintances. Each team was united in a mutual desire for victory–or perhaps simply the desire to win a free lunch.


The games consisted of three competitions. The first was the “Tripod-athalon.” In this game each team raced against the other to, as a group, dissemble and then reassemble a RRS tripod. This disassembly and reassembly process could not commence, however, until each team member participated in a literal foot race begun only after spinning in five circles with their head against a grounded monopod (think dizzy bat.)  It is quite challenging to take apart a tripod when dizzy and breathless. It is doubly challenging, however, to put a tripod back together dizzy and breathless after someone else (dizzy and breathless) first took that tripod apart. The smallest parts were strewn near and far. In this competition, the yellow team was victorious! Needless to say we all gained a new sense of sympathy for our customers who decide to destruct and reconstruct our RRS tripods of their own volition–our hats are off to you.


The second competition was the (seemingly) simple “High-Jump Selfie.” Each team had one member set a ten second timer on their camera, then run into the frame with the other five, all aiming to jump into the air right as the shutter clicked. It is surprisingly challenging, however, for a group of six to all apparently levitate simultaneously, especially when no one can be exactly sure of the millisecond in which the timer would end. Each team was scored by how many feet were off of the ground, and in the end only one team succeeded in capturing all twelve feet in the air. This competition was won by the green team!


The final competition was one that required both speed and creativity: the “Three Position Photo Shoot Off.” The winning team would have to capture three photos as quickly as possible, each taken at the three tripod leg positions: first position, second position, and third position (fully splayed.) Each tripod height was to dictate the photo composition as all team members (other than the photographer) had to be fully within the frame. The teams were scored on how quickly they managed to capture all three photos and the creativity of the photos themselves. Those photos can can be seen below, with some impressive results. The black team took gold in this competition, with red winning bonus points for their hilarity.






In the end, the Green team won, with Red taking silver and Black taking bronze. But, holistically, all of RRS won. Every employee got to break up their daily duties with something fun and out of the norm. It is sad to think that it will be another two years until the next olympic games. In the meantime, however, employees can ponder the quandary of which winter olympic games can be adapted to photography-centric themes. Perhaps if San Luis Obispo musters some snow in 2018, there can be RRS downhill skiing competition with monopods as poles! Share your ideas below, and perhaps you’ll see them in the 2018 RRS Olympic Games!


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