Quick-Release for Shoulder Straps


UPDATE March 2014: The B2-FABN mini-clamp has replaced the B2-FAB-F, to have the same function in addition to 3 machined strap bosses for use with neck, wrist, and other strap types.

Anyone using one of many types and styles of shoulder sling strap, such as BlackRapid®, may find that because their L-plate needs to remain in place on the camera for tripod-readiness their strap is no longer convenient to use. Some of our quick-release plates do offer a 1/4″-20 threaded accessory socket, but the time needed to detach or reattach the strap before/after tripod use defeats the “quick-release” purpose of the whole system. Also, repeated threading/unthreading of steel strap screws can wear out and potentially loosen those aluminum threads over time.

The solution that we’ve come up with is to use our B2-FABN mini clamp at the end of that strap, effectively converting the strap connection to the same quick-release system used by our tripod and monopod heads, along with other Arca-Swiss style quick-release gear.

The B2-FABN has a centered ¼-20 threaded socket which directly receives the strap connector screw or stud – we recommend using a drop or two of Loctite 242 on the threads to keep it secure, even in addition to the rubber washers common to that hardware. This way the clamp will never twist off without intending to do so, courtesy of the swiveling hardware of the strap (which most straps of this type have). We’ve used this quick-release attachment comfortably with a pro-sized DSLR and a 70-200mm lens for hours at a time, and even tried it out with the 500mm/f4 telephoto lens we have in the office. With collared lenses we clamp to the lens plate, not the camera body, for the best possible balance.

B2-FABN mounted on the camera in use.

B2-FABN mounted on the camera in use.

By centering the B2-FABN on an L-plate where the mounting screw sits, you get the same performance that the strap designers intended, and the camera hangs securely at the hip. Plus, you can slide the B2-FAB-F anywhere along the dovetail surface, meaning with an L-plate it’s possible to clamp to the left side of the camera should you prefer that for clearance or balance reasons. Facing the knob forward under the lens prevents it from hitting the chin when looking through the viewfinder, and keeps things from bushing against the knob, virtually eliminating any remote possibility of accidental loosening. To tripod mount, simply loosen the knob of the B2-FABN 1/4-turn, slide the plate or L-plate out, and drop it onto the clamp on your tripod.

Having been so spoiled by the quick-release function of our L-plate and lens plates, we absolutely love that we can convert our super-comfy shoulder straps to the same system for seamless use. It’s rock solid and quick as anything, allowing for the fastest possible transition from shoulder to tripod.

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  1. I just blogged about this solution. It’s by far the best I’ve ever experienced. I’m using the mini clamp with my Custom SLR strap and it’s perfect. Thank you RRS for continually creating amazing products.

  2. I would like to see a discussion about making the choice between the B2-FAB-F and the B2-FABN.

    • Jim @ RRS says:


      The B2-FABN will do everything the B2-FAB-F can do, but also has 3 strap boss cutouts for neck strap use. If you need to attach a neck or hand strap with one or two attachment points, the FABN is the proper choice.

      If you’d like the most future-compatible option, B2-FABN may be worth the extra cost for you.


  3. Thanatham Piriyakarnjanakul says:

    This is amazing.

    I don’t like sling-strap but this piece make my life easy, every thing just changed.

  4. Steve Strickland says:

    I used this setup (with BlackRapid when I climbed Kilimanjaro this past January and it worked great. It is now my permanent configuration. Much easier and more flexible than messing with a regular strap. Should have done it long ago. Thanks RRS!


  5. Bill Richardson says:

    Thank you Winston for posting your question. I just ordered the B2-FABN. because I intend to run a safety strap between the clamp and camera. I am a belt and suspenders kind of guy!

  6. Mark says:

    Interesting product. As are all your fine gear, much of which I own.
    As an aside may I suggest you proofread this blog post. There are quite a few typos and other errors, the correction of which would make smoother reading.

  7. Bill Richardson says:

    Just got mine yesterday and installed the Nlack Rapid stud. Works great. The only thing I did not like about the Black Rapid strap was having to remove/reinstal the base plate for my tripod. This solves that issue. I also bought a 3/8″ Op-Tech connection set which I use as a safety strap just in case. Gives me some peace of mind for $7. I run it through the left side camera strap loop and then down to the Black Rapid strap hook base.

  8. Michel Poirier says:

    Hi, got the B2-FAB short of 1 year ago and like it very much, but found out with use that it is much more comfortable to mount the B2-FAB with the knob pointing towards the front of the camera like you mention but not to protect my chin but more to avoir the knob hitting my hip all the time when walking.
    But saw on my unit that the 0 to 10 stencil are only on the knob side it makes it more difficult to center with the knob reversed.
    So I guess I should have waited to purchase the unit as I see on the picture that it now has stencil on both sides,

  9. Joe Banaag says:

    B2-FAB-N is longer than the B2-FAB-F. I use the latter on a D800 with an L-bracket and a Black Rapid RS-7 Curve strap, and I love it. I’m ordering another for an Black Rapid handstrap. Unless you’re a belt and suspenders kind of guy, I recommend the Black Rapid/FR-3 coupler solution with the sleeker B2-FAB-F. And don’t forget the Loctite!

  10. Graham Hedrick says:

    This is why Really Right Stuff keeps pulling ahead of the competition!

  11. I’m using a similar solution, but with the regular B2-FAB since 2010 now.

    The idea came from one of the RRS guys while visiting their shop in San Luis. Great solution. Just removed the additional poles on the back of the clamp.

  12. brian dorsey says:

    now all you need is a tiny flip lock thingy that has to be lifted before the knob can be turned. that way a bump can’t cause the knob to loosen. i’d love this thing but the way my cameras get bumped i’d be anxious about it.

    • Jim @ RRS says:

      Hi Brian,

      As it is it would be very difficult for anything to artificially loosen the knob. Because of the shape and size of the knob, which can tuck up under the lens when attached, it is very unlikely that anything would contact it, let alone grip with enough friction to actually turn it. Therefore we find that the secondary release would be unnecessary (and overly expensive).

      I’ve ridden my bike miles and miles, walked through crowded streets, and hiked with my BlackRapid using the B2-FAB-F, and in over 2 years I’ve never had the knob come loose unless I did it myself. The tension you put on the knob to clamp requires an equally focused amount of tension to undo, so the danger is minimal if any.

      If you have any other questions about this or anything else, feel free to email me directly jim@reallyrightstuff.com


      Jim Weise
      Customer Service Rep.
      Really Right Stuff

      • Joe B. says:

        Ditto. I attach a Black Rapid RS-7 Curve to a D800 this way and it’s never going to come off accidentally. The strap itself would break before the knob fails.

  13. Alexandre says:

    I have a Canon 5d mark iii and BLACK RAPID RS 7 and would like to connect my camera directly from the strap in my head BH 55 QUICK RELEASE, more faster, and also unlike. What is the solution?

  14. Mark Gvazdinskas says:

    Greetings Alexandre,

    Thank you for your inquiry. If you are/plan on using a RRS/Arca-Swiss style quick release plate on your 5D MK III, along with a BH-55 ballhead (with clamp installed) I recommend you install either of the two clamp options listed above onto the 1/4-20 stud on your Black Rapid platform. This will then make the Black Rapid quick release—no need to thread into your camera plate every time you wish to attach or remove your camera from the strap. The images in this post demonstrate how the clamp is attached to the strap.

    1.) B2-FAB: https://www.reallyrightstuff.com/B2-FAB-38mm-Screw-knob-clamp-with-alignment-tabs

    2.) B2-FABN: https://www.reallyrightstuff.com/b2-fabn

    ***Both of the clamps will work on the Black Rapid. The difference is the B2-FABN has three strap bosses.***

    I hope this helps. If you have any further questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me at mark@reallyrightstuff.com.

    Happy shooting,

    Mark Gvazdinskas
    Really Right Stuff, LLC
    Call 805.528.6321 or toll free from the US and Canada 888.777.5557 fax 805.528.7964
    1146 Farmhouse Ln
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
    Visit our web site at http://www.reallyrightstuff.com/

  15. Andrew Tauber says:

    While on safari in Tanzania I used this set up in combination with the Black Rapid Double strap, a travel tripod, and three cameras (a DSLR with a 100-400, a DSLR with a 10-22, and a DSLR that I had converted to IR with. 24-105). The set up worked great, as I could easily move the cameras around depending on which one I wanted where.

  16. Tom Gumpel says:

    Right now I use a base plate attached to my camera, with the tripod plate attached to that. My Black Rapid strap is attached to the base plate. This way, I never have to detach my Black Rapid strap: I am always hooked in, allowing me a second layer of security (attaching and detaching the BL all the time is asking for trouble, in my opinion).

    If I purchase this setup, will I be able to use the L-plate while always keeping my BR attached (even when on the head)?

    • Jim @ RRS says:

      Hi Tom,

      Yes, the B2-FABN (the only strap clamp option as of March 2014) allows you to keep the strap on while shooting from the tripod, although we don’t recommend doing so for many reasons.

      1. the strap can blow in the wind, causing vibration.
      2. if you keep the strap around you, you can induce vibration through such contact.
      3. it can be dangerous to have a strap there for something to hook on and pull the tripod over.
      4. straps can just get in the way of the ballhead/tripod operation.

  17. Joseph Vinciquerra says:

    This is a perfect solution to the L-plate/strap configuration! I actually just wrote an article about it on my blog.

  18. Glenn Basile says:

    Thank you for your quick response to my question concerning the use of bh – 55 with a black rapid strap. You folks are awesome!

  19. Arrovel says:

    I just got a d4s. Does the L plate for this camera can be attached to luma lab cinch?

  20. Quarku says:

    Another advantage of a modular belt system is the unfortunate fact that no photographer is a stranger to back pain

  21. Phil says:

    I own a CarrySpeed (no longer in business) sports strap with their face plate that attaches to the body of the camera that has an extended swivel ball which extends out. my Manfrotto QR plate then attaches to the C.S. Plate. The CarrysSpeed strap connector screws over the swivel head of the ball socket which is entirely different from BR’s connector. I don’t see how your plate can work with the strap connector of the CarrySpeed, could you please clarify? Will I be able to still use the Manfrotto QR plates with your plate, doesn’t appear that I can.

  22. neopine says:

    as for a professional photographer, the black rapid and carryspeed brand quick straps are good choices among so many camera straps brands. And the B2-FABN qr shoulder strap is a great choice.

  23. Pete says:

    Thank you to the original poster and all of the above comments for some very useful insights. I recently bought the BlackRapid and ReallyRightStuff B2-FABN clamp and am looking forward to using this solution. However, I have two questions that I haven’t been able to find answers to online.

    Firstly, did people keep the rubber washer of the BlackRapid FastnR on the screw when they attached it to the clamp? The new RRS clamp has a smooth profile, unlike the older version. I would think it makes sense to include the washer for additional friction, but I am planning to use blue loctite and make it a permanent connection.

    Secondly, in terms of a safety tether, I am going to connect an OpTech Uni-loop to the D-loop of the BlackRapid as many others have done. I see that most people (including the original poster) then attached the other end of the OpTech Uni-loop to the boss on the QR plate attached to their camera. While I’m sure this will be a strong connection, I’m concerned that this still leaves you relying on a single connection point (the tripod socket). If the QR plate somehow came loose, all would be lost. I am instead thinking of attaching the safety tether to the left or right camera strap lug as a secondary/backup connection point.

    Grateful for any thoughts on the above.

  24. This blog entry highlights a very good system with a flaw.
    Long time user of RRS gear and very much a fan. I use RRS for all my hardware.
    I had a near disaster that could have been very expensive. Well it cost me a lens…..but it could have cost more than that.
    I use a Black Rapid strap system to carry two cameras at once and RRS hardware on all my cameras. Very similar to what is in the picture above.
    I was carrying at the time, both a Nikon D3S and a Canon 5D Mark III, with the Canon in a soundproof housing.
    For the soundproof housing I use the clip system on the Black Rapid strap, however for my D3S I am using the BD3 plate and B2-FABN clamp to connect to the Black Rapid strap system.
    Somehow the clamp had loosened itself enough to slide off the BD3 plate meaning my D3S hit the floor with a bang.
    I am usually very careful about doing the clamp up tight but with sweaty fingers I guess it just wasn’t tight enough.
    The BD3 plate only has one safety screw/pin at one end. This clearly made no difference and the camera fell off anyway.
    In high usage scenarios the rest of the gear is flawless and I show everyone what I am using when they ask.
    Some of the plates have these safety screws but many do not.
    For example the lens foot for my 70-200 lens has safety screws on both ends – perfection. This isn’t going anywhere.
    The standard L plates do not have them either. Might be fine for studio or stationary work.
    All plates need to have this as an option. At least if the holes were there then for someone like me I could add the screws.
    This would have stopped my camera coming off and instead would have just slid on the clamp and I would have caught it in time – This I believe is the design intention of the lever clamps and such.
    Luckily the camera seems to be ok but imagine I was up high on some scaffolding or the like and this hitting a person…
    Just be aware of this possible limitation if looking to use the above scenario. I have had a machine shop add holes on all my plates and I have added my own screws.

  25. Jeff says:

    Regarding the suggestion of a weight lifting belt, I’ll share a trick I use sometimes. I like the Spider Holster system but I’m far too klutzy to risk it. So… I mounted a spider holster plate to each body and then threaded a black rapid / arca-swiss tripod plate into that! It looks odd but now I have my cameras attached to strap(s) and can keep them on the spider holster belt. Now, if I drop a camera, the strap still has it but if I am out walking around, I have all that weight off my shoulders! It really does work well. I still like the idea of this setup for everyday use but if you are going to trek around all day with dual bodies, it is something to consider.

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