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Photo of the Week: Starry Skies over Long Pond

Photo by Jessie Briggs

Photo of the Week
September 20th, 2013

Starry Skies over Long Pond

Starry Skies over Long Pond

Jessie Briggs
New Hampshire
Nikon D800
Nikkor 14-24mm/f2.8
RRS Gear:
BH-55 Pro ballhead
BD800-L Plate
5-exposure focus-stack
(EXIF Below)

This focus-stacked image definitely required a solid tripod. I changed the focus on each of the 4 shots. I just used a flashlight to find focus going up the dock then did a infinity focus for the mountains. Shot one: close focus dock. Shot two: mid focus dock. Shot three: end of dock railing. Shot four: mountains/infinity focus.
-Jessie Briggs

ISO 3200
14 mm
25 sec
Foreground #1:
ISO 1600
14 mm
198 sec
Foreground #2:
ISO 1600
14 mm
232 sec
Foreground #3:
ISO 1600
14 mm
218 sec
Foreground #4:
ISO 1600
14 mm
414 sec

Image Copyright © 2013 Jessie Briggs. All rights reserved.


  1. Awesome shot! I really appreciate the technical and artistic ability that went into making this awesome composition! Thank you for sharing! -Aaron

  2. RGT says:

    Did you use stacking in PS or another software application.

  3. Jessie Briggs says:

    Thanks Aaron! RGT I used photoshop. Sometimes it can be tricky but this one was pretty straightforward.

  4. CRB says:

    Love the image; understand the stacking technique; how did you determine the different times for exposure? Is the D800 that good, or did you use a light meter?

  5. Diane Miller says:

    Very nice image! I’ve recently been introduced to Zerene Stacker. There is some complexity, very well explained in tutorials on their web site, and in my experience it blows both PS and Helicon Focus out of the water.

  6. Noel Isaac says:

    Great photograph. From the excellent quality of this image PS is obviously not blown out of the water!

  7. Jessie Briggs says:

    CRB, I just calculated the exposure from a shot with higher ISO. Thanks Diane and Noel! I will take a look at that stacking program, photoshop doesn’t always do such a good job!

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