"The Hidden Grotto" by Dave Morrow

The Hidden Grotto

"The Hidden Grotto" by Dave Morrow
"The Hidden Grotto" by Dave Morrow

“The Hidden Grotto” by Dave Morrow

Dave Morrow
Columbia River Gorge,
Nikon D800
Nikkor 14-24mm/f2.8G
ISO 64
1.3 seconds

“It was late one afternoon in the Columbia River Gorge when I randomly decided it was time to find the infamous “Mossy Grotto Falls”. Hearing that it was some what hard to find I set out on the adventure. After an hour or two of hiking / scrambling which included a few wrong turns and some nasty falls I emerged on the falls caked in mud. This place is just awesome especially at 7pm when the light is perfect and no one is around. I explored the area for a bit, took 10 or 15 different compositions and got out of there as the sun dropped below the horizon.”
-Dave Morrow

Image Copyright 2013 © Dave Morrow Photography. All rights reserved.


  1. Sandra P Bassin says:

    This shot feels like I’ve been transplanted to Lord of the Rings in a fantasy so beautiful that the rest of the world disappears. Thanks Dave Morrow!

  2. Joe Johnson says:

    Wonderful detail, and immensely engaging image. Thank you for making the hike to capture this beautiful image. Joe Sr.

  3. Rip Caswell says:

    I love to get away from the crowds can you share with me how to get there?

    Thank you

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