Night Tremors by Dave Morrow

Photo of the Week: Night Tremors

Night Tremors by Dave Morrow
Star photography at Ruby Beach by Dave Morrow.

Night Tremors by Dave Morrow

Dave Morrow
Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula
Posted in RRS Flickr Pool
Nikon D800
Nikon 14-24mm AFS
f/2.8 G ED
ISO 5000
30 sec

Simply put, Dave Morrow makes some of the best star photography we’ve seen. His work captures the sheer awe of the infinity and beyond while anchoring us on earth, forcing us to visualize the grand magnitude this universe has to offer. Dave’s skill in capturing the nights beauty is heavy and he does offer workshops and free online tutorials to help those wishing to pursue their own voyages into the depths of space.

You can find Dave’s work and more in the RRS Flickr Collective.

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  1. Sandy Bassin says:

    I follow Dave’s work – he is a true artist of Nature!

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