AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR with Lens Collar


  1. Gregory L Theus says:

    When will you have a collar for the new Nikon 80-400mm lens?
    Love your products.
    Greg Theus

  2. Jim @ RRS says:

    Hi Greg,

    I believe we should be starting the design process for the collar for the AF-S 80-400mm lens soon, so it will be 6 weeks at the earliest that we see those collars.

  3. William Page says:

    Let me know when I can purchase a collar for the new Nikon 80-400mm lens.

  4. Paul Duncan says:

    Re: New Nikon 80-400mm AF-S Lens

    Are there any updates yet on when you’ll have the foot plate alone or the foot plate-collar combo available.
    Hope soon!

    • Jim @ RRS says:

      Hi Paul,

      We’re in the process of designing the replacement collar for that lens now, and should have pre-orders open soon. If you need a plate right away, we’d recommend the MPR-113 multi-purpose rail with the curved side of the flange against the back of the foot.

  5. David Voss says:

    When you do design it, may I suggest/request that the screw mechanism not be on the end of a long stem like on the older 80-400 collar. When handheld and with the foot removed, this protrudes too far and would actually be better if designed to be stubby like the Nikon original.

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