Meet the Crew: Verent Chan

Really Right Stuff is more than just your top resource for exceptional camera support gearit is an ever growing team of people passionate about producing excellence, in every form. Nestled in the rolling, Spanish hills of California, resides our headquarters. This two story building boasts four dogs, 31 employees, and a lot of packing paper. We are creating a new way of thinking about photography gear, aiming for substance over quantity, and depth over noise. We make products to last a lifetime, not to be discarded as soon as a newer version is released. At the end of the day, we are movers just like you. So go ahead and get to know us! We are pleased to meet you.



Verent Chan


What is your role here at Really Right Stuff?

Product Development Director. I run the engineering team here at Really Right Stuff.


Where are you from?

Fresno, California, originally. For college, I moved to San Luis Obispo to attend Cal Poly, where I studied mechanical engineering and met my wife (who studied dairy science.) After graduating, I began working at Really Right Stuff!


What brought you here?

To Really Right Stuff? In college I picked up photography as a hobby, and knew I wanted to incorporate photography into my career. So I began searching for a career that would develop my photography skills while utilizing my engineering degree as well. So as I researched camera companies, I came across Really Right Stuff as a top photography name brand. It wasn’t until I looked a little harder that I realized RRS is located in San Luis Obispo County! So after driving around town trying to find the building, I walked in and asked for a job. They turned me down, explaining they weren’t ready for another engineer. So I just kept coming back until they finally hired me a year later.


Favorite thing about RRS?

Our commitment to perfection and the best possible solution. As an engineer I appreciate our desire for strong aesthetics in our products. Often engineers focus more on function than beauty, so I am happy to be at a company where my creative side can be heard also. We won’t settle for an inferior design, but strive to only create something we personally would want to use.


What is your morning routine?

Well, I have a dog, Roni, a Golden Retriever. So every morning, first thing, I feed her, water the garden, and pack a lunch. I usually wake up a little before 7:00am to do all of that before coming to work.


Favorite thing to do once you are off work?

I really enjoy cooking, so that’s usually my way to relax. Also gardening. I have begun wood-working, which keeps me pretty busy. I have a Subaru WRX that I work on, but basically none of it is stock now, so I don’t really know if we should call it that.


Current favorite T.V. show:

There is a PBS special on Netflix right now called “Mind of a Chef” where they follow a chef around. I already finished “Chef’s Table,” and they both have inspired my cooking quite a lot.


Best piece of advice ever received?

So this answer comes with a story. When I was a kid, my dad had some friends over and had bought a watermelon for the party. I really love watermelon, even to this day. So as he was cutting up the watermelon, I grabbed a center piece, which is generally known as the sweetest part, and said to my dad, “I just want to eat all the center parts!” And he replied, “That is pretty selfish, Verent. What about our guests?” And that little comment really stuck in my mind.

Look at yourself, and think less of how you can serve yourself, but rather, think of how you can serve others. I have spent much of my life wondering how can I be less selfish and more self-less. I read this great book by Oswald Chambers called My Utmost for His Highest, which had this one quote I love to keep in mind. It reads “The greatest crisis we ever face is the surrender of our will.” It is a constant struggle for us humans to decide that what we want is less important than helping those around us. That has been a key in my marriage, just learning to be less selfish.


Verent’s other hobby…









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  1. Abby Yin Li says:

    Verent, Thanks for sharing your aspiration, your photos, and your life with us. You are an inspiration to me!!!! Please put me on your mailing list till I die.

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