Meet the Crew: Joe Johnson Jr.

Really Right Stuff is more than just your top resource for exceptional camera support gear—it is an ever growing team of people passionate about producing excellence, in every form. Nestled in the rolling, Spanish hills of California, is our headquarters. This two story building boasts four dogs, 31 employees, and a lot of packing paper. We are creating a new way of thinking about photography gear, aiming for substance over quantity, and depth over noise. We make products to last a lifetime, not to be discarded as soon as a newer version is released. At the end of the day, we are movers just like you. So go ahead and get to know us! We are pleased to meet you.



Joe Johnson Jr.

What is your role here at Really Right Stuff?

Marketing Director

Where are you from?

That’s a hard question… I was born in Utah, but then we moved to Chicago, followed by Cincinnati, New Jersey, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vermont, Shanghai, Virginia, back to Utah, then finally California. Growing up, I identified most of all with Asia, having spent all of my youth there. I just felt comfortable there and I still have dreams where I’m back (usually in Taiwan), but everything is different; usually I’m trying to find our old apartment or the school I went to or something. Anyway, coming back to the U.S. was always a shock, just because the cultures are so different.

Now…? Well, I’m loving this area; this is where I met my wife and where my little girl was born, so I’d say my new family is from here.

What brought you here?

Really Right Stuff! When Joe Sr. bought the company in 2002 I worked with him over the summers. When classes were in session while attending BYU, I worked remotely on product design. After I graduated, I was looking at grad schools when I received an offer from Joe Sr. I really love working with my dad and previous experiences were incredibly rewarding, so the decision just made sense.

Favorite thing about RRS?

I love RRS’s passion for pursuing excellence; it strikes a strong chord in me. The fact that we have a product line focused on being the best is something I can really get behind. I also just love working with my family! For a lot of people that doesn’t work, but for me, it is very fulfilling.

What is your morning routine? 

My new routine has largely been checking on my newborn daughter and helping my wife take care of her. Then I feed myself, get dressed, and get over here. The time I wake up is pretty dependent on what time my “Lottie” alarm clock goes off… my daughter, that is. She usually “goes off” anywhere from 4:00 am onward. The latest I can get up, though, is about 6:40 am.

Favorite thing to do once you are off work?

Work. (laughs) No, no. I just love being with my family, so wherever they are, I am happy to be. You know, parents, my siblings, my wife, my kid–wherever they are, that’s where I want to be. We just love hanging out and being together. From when I was 13 on, after my parent’s split, it was really just me and my dad for a long time. So any chance I get to be with my family is really valuable to me.

I also love wood working and grilling. I recently got into using a smoker, as well. Cookouts with my family are certainly up there in my “favorite things” list.

Of course I also love to get outdoors and hike, camp, whatever, and photography tends to go hand-in-hand. I’ve also picked up running recently, though I’m still learning to love it.

Current favorite T.V. show:

Anything on the discovery or history channel, except now we don’t have cable, so… (laughs.) I prefer educational shows to drama or comedy. When it is time to chill I am usually just trying to get things done. Working on my “honey-do” list, though I am watching also Band of Brothers right now. I really like patriotic shows… WWII is of special interest to me.

Best piece of advice ever received?

My grandpa said “If you respect me, I will respect you.” And it has been good advice to live by.

Some of Joe’s work…


Desert Pano



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  1. It pleases me (and yet, why am I not surprised) to find that RRS folks are into woodworking. What other hobbies would be had by a company making such finely crafted precision instruments, lol!?!

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