Into the Void by Jim Patterson.

Into the Void

Photo by Jim Patterson
Into the Void by Jim Patterson

Into the Void by Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson
Lone Pine, CA
Nikon D800 + MB-D12
Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED
ISO 800, f/11, 2 min
Stars (277 shots):
ISO 1600, F/2.8, 30sec

“Hollywood westerns and many a car commercial have been filmed in the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, California, but what draws me here is not the lure of cowboys and pickups but the rolling boulder fields and abundant granite arches filling the landscape.

Before co-leading a workshop in Death Valley, I made a pit stop at my favorite double arch for some good ol’ fashioned star trail redemption. You see, the previous year, I made the same stop and set up for some star trails. Alas, my camera battery ran out fifty minutes into my planned 150 minutes of star exposures. The moon was partly out as well, so the amount of visible stars was less than stellar (pun fully intended). But this go around, I was better prepared. The moon was new and nowhere to be found, and I now had a camera complete with battery grip for extra juice. I framed the North Star within one of the arches as I had the year before, but I composed with a portrait orientation and chose to frame the edge of the second arch tight against the left side of the frame.

My D800 and battery grip were locked in using a BMBD12-L plate and B2 AS II lever clamp. My 14-24mm lens was set to 16mm. This composite image is made up of one exposure while light painting the arch with a small LED flashlight and orange gel and 277 exposures for the star trails.”

— Jim Patterson

Article provided by Jim Patterson, of Jim Patterson Photography

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