Glacier Girl by Moose Peterson

Glacier Girl by Moose Peterson

Glacier Girl by Moose Peterson
Glacier Girl by Moose Peterson

Glacier Girl by Moose Peterson

Moose Peterson
Chino, CA
Nikon D4
AF-S 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED
ISO 100

“The spectacular P-38 “Glacier Girl” in the predawn light parked at Chino Airport. Shooting D4, 18-35AFS mounted on a BH-55 / TVC-33 made short work of it. This is a simple click processed just in ACR with some elements removed in Photoshop. The star bursts are created by shooting with the lens closed all the way down and shooting at ISO100, RRS provided the perfect stable platform for a sharp click.”
— Moose Peterson


  1. David Hodgins says:

    Beautiful shot as always, Moose. I am curious, why did you shoot this with the D4 and not the D800 (I know you have both). Was it a conscious choice for something the D4 does better at ISO, or was it simply that it’s the body you had with you?

  2. Michael says:

    Wonder why there’s a difference in temperature between the left and right lights? Wonderful shot!

  3. Jeff Ellis says:

    One light may be older than the other. Color temp changes with age. Or once replaced with a different mfg. bulb. Could be various reasons.

  4. Ed Cox says:

    I love the repeating patterns of the cross shadows of the nose-wheel and prop blades that echo the propeller blades themselves and repeat the star bursts of the lamps.

    And of course the dramatic size of the vertical stabilizers with the wide-angle is special, and so is the dramatic lighting. Great capture!

  5. Robert Summitt says:

    I saw the Glacier Girl being rebuilt in Ky and would like to see it finished but it is no longer in KY. Where can I see this plane? Where is it’s home now?

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