Cerro Torre by John Barwood

Cerro Torre

Photo by John Barwood
Cerro Torre by John Barwood

Cerro Torre by John Barwood

Nikon D7000
24-70mm f/2.8
ISO 160
30 sec

“I was on my honeymoon which we had decided to spend in a tent traveling through Patagonia. Two days before we had hiked to the base camp at the base of Fitz Roy. We climbed it that night and stayed there until sunset and scrabbled down in the dark and set the alarm to get up again in a couple of hours to scale it again to catch sunrise. After this we were very tired but had caught an amazing sunrise and sunset from one of the most beautiful spots we have ever been. After trekking the opposite direction to see another glacier we headed with all our gear to the Cerro Torre, this trek turned out to be quite a bit longer than we had expected. For the last hour of the hike we could see the spot where we knew the Cerro Torre was but could see nothing but cloud as the light disappeared. We set up our tent in the dark that night disappointed that we would not see the famously shy peaks but happy as we had lucked out with the weather for the rest of the trip. We fell asleep cold but content and looking forward to some sleep and a good look around when light was up in the morning.

It was my wife who had popped outside very early that I could hear shouting, “Its out! I can see it, its amazing”. I have never put my trousers on so quickly and it was amazing, the weather had completely changed over night. There is something about the Cerro Torre that is special, we have seen a lot of amazing peaks but these remain our favorite. We scrabbled down to the laguna and this photo was basically the first thing that greeted us. It is not often that you are presented with a photo but its great when it happens. The peak was framed perfectly by the mountains either side, with a clear reflection in the silky lake, filled with beautiful water that we had been drinking from for the last week. The final touches were the two giant chunks of broken off ice from the glacier that just happened to be floating calmly either side of the line of sight between the peaks and the rock in the foreground.

This image means so much to us, and it is my wife’s favorite from our trip and I’m just very glad I had the right gear to be able to capture it!”
— John Barwood

You can find John’s honorable mention and more in the RRS 2013 Water Photo Contest Results page.


  1. Joe Johnson says:

    John, Thank you for sharing your experience and image with us all. This is truly a splendid shot that brings you and the rest of us great enjoyment. Joe Sr.

  2. Joe,

    I agree. It is splendid!!! Congratulations. Adriana

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