Behind the Shot with Brady Cabe

Photo by Brady Cabe
Inside Looking Out

Inside Looking Out

Brady Cabe
Avila Beach, CA
Canon 6D with BG-E13
EF 16-35mm/f2.8L
RRS Gear:
TVC-34L Tripod
BH-55 LR Ballhead
BGE13-L plate
3200 ISO
15 seconds

“This photo is a composite of two nearly identical exposures, taken a few moments apart. The bright moon was washing out the right half of the sky in the original image, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the composition just to get a better sky exposure in camera. My solution was combining the frame I wanted with a shot pointed about 20 degrees further south where the sky was more evenly lit. The moon is actually just to the right of the cave opening, creating the shadow you see in the foreground. Even though I am happy with the final composite image, I will surely be going back in the near future to get this all in one shot, when the planets align, so to speak.”
– Brady Cabe

Brady Cabe of Cabe Creative is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Grover Beach, CA.


  1. Michael Ratcliff says:

    Very nice!

  2. Excellent work! I’m obsessed with this shot.

  3. Dan Dady says:

    Spectacular, I wouldn’t change a thing or try to go back and duplicate it. The Moon lighting the interior is almost perfect and the position of the camera next to the cave wall gives this image incredible depth, from macro to stellar.

  4. Brady says:

    Thanks Dan, I really appreciate it. I actually went back at low tide, and it wasn’t low enough to make it to that cave. But the new adventure provided a different experience and new photos. I am leaving that spot alone for a while, maybe find it again at sunset.

  5. Not sur what it is, but I love shots like this. Wish I had taken it. Very nice.

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