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Proxy Falls by Andrew Kumler

Proxy Falls

Proxy Falls in Winter, a year in the making… Back in late 2010 I had the idea to hike into Proxy Falls in Oregon’s Three Sisters Wilderness, to visit this […]

Galaxy Number 9 by Dave Morrow

Galaxy Number 9

“I snapped this one off at the Bonsai Rock on Lake Tahoe a few months back. It took me forever to actually find the spot but when I did it […]

32 Hours & Counting by Dave Morrow

32 Hours and Counting

“When I travel to different countries for photography I like to keep my trip wide open without many plans, when traveling to Iceland I made sure this waterfall (Kirkjufellfoss) was […]

Tripods and the Beach

A Tripod Addict’s Guide To Beach and Ocean Photography Article written by Brian Matiash Let’s start with one unequivocal fact about me: I love my tripod. Next to my camera […]

New RRS Gear at NAB

Well the cat’s out of the bag folks! NAB is officially here and with it a whole new lineup of camera support equipment for video and photographers alike! We’re proud […]

RRS tripod lineup.

Choosing a Tripod: Part II

In Part I we covered the selection of the appropriate tripod series, which in the Really Right Stuff tripod line leaves you with up to 3 choices of models that […]

Helicopter over the Antarctic.

Photographer’s Guide to Antarctica

To wrap up his 3-part series, David Schultz shares valuable information on when, what, where, and how to travel to Antarctica so you too can possibly marvel in the majesty […]