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Mustang Wanted

News of the Week: March 29th

Rendered Reality Creating pixel perfect 3-D renderings as opposed to setting up a studio with lightboxes, fill cards, blackout walls, etc. is no new idea when dealing with product, especially […]

RRS tripod lineup.

Choosing a Tripod: Part I

Choosing a tripod can be a daunting task. With so many variables to consider – gear you already have, travel limitations, performance needs, desired features, budget, future gear purchases – […]

Green for Miles Morgan

“Why?” — I could certainly understand the question. Going to northern Norway in the middle of February seemed like a biblically bad idea to me as well. But the invitation […]

Getting to Snow Hill: Part II

David Schultz is an amazing photographer who lacks a fear of polar bears and frostbite. He provides photographic tours in both the North and South Poles where his landscape photographic […]

News of the Week: March 22nd

Crappy VS Snappy: The Proof is in the Pudding Coming from people who take photography seriously and devote much of their life to the art, we’ve all come across someone […]

Water Photo Contest Results

We really must hand it to everyone who submitted to this contest. Submissions hit every aspect and pushed the boundaries of the many interpretations of ‘water’. Judging such a multitude […]

RRS will be attending NAB 2013.

RRS at NAB 2013

For the first time, Really Right Stuff will attend the National Association of Broadcasters convention! The NAB expo is on April 8th through the 11th. To kick off our first-time […]

Photo by David Schultz

Snow Hill Island 2: Part I

Getting the Shot So, each day was about the same process and we were fortunate to have had six days of beautiful weather. I spent about eight hours or more […]

Photo by Martin Rietze

News of the Week: March 15th

Danger Zone How do you make the projection of molten lava spewing in the air raining down from a cloud ash more terrifying? Add erupting bolts of lightning bellowing down […]